Jian Zhang van Enk, LAc, PhD

Professional Credentials :
    NCCAOM Diplomate
    Oregon Medical Board Licensed
    California Acupuncture Board Licensed
My calling:
    Ease suffering.
My interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine started when I was growing up in China during a time when ‘barefoot doctors’ served patients in every corner of the country. They were such an inseparable part of Chinese life that most of the people I knew, myself included, had been treated by acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I finally took up the challenge of pursuing a systematic study of Chinese medicine at Dongkuk University Los Angeles in 2006. During my school years I won an outstanding internship award because of my dedication to and excellence in serving patients. And I became a part-time instructor there after my graduation.
Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, I did scientific research and technology development for a leading biotech company and other organizations. I enjoyed helping my clients to solve their problems. Now I am committed to use all my skills to help my patients with complex medical problems. I am a strong believer in integrative medicine and the holistic approach to health. I view my role as a health care provider to be a partner on a patient’s journey to better health.
I live in Eugene with my husband, our four year old son and my mother. The Yin and Yang of the human nature are in full display in our house.