What do patients say?

Man. 78. The Netherlands. I suffered from headaches for many years. I couldn't locate the pain exactly, and sometimes I felt it on the inside of my head and sometimes on the outside. It was a very sharp pain, which always made me cringe. During some episodes the sharp pain hit me every few seconds, other times only every few minutes. A year ago, we visited Jian and her husband when I got another pain episode one evening. Jian then cupped my neck, and although the pain did not disappear right away, next morning it had disappeared, and the pain has not returned in a whole year!
Female, 55, Springfield, OR, was on 3 pills of PPI to control acid reflux. On her return visit after taking the prescribed herbal capsules for 5 days, she said, "I can't believe that I took only two [PPI] pills last week! ".
Female, 46, Eugene, OR: "I suffer from low back pain for many years, I've always wanted to try acupuncture but wasn't sure whom to trust. I was surprised how comfortable and relaxing the procedure is that I had experienced the instant relief for my back pain. "
Female, 40, Springfield, OR, has suffered headache and migraine since she was a teenager. A recent auto accident made the situation worse. Although significantly recovered through Dr Hansen's adjustments. She was referred to try acupuncture for further improvement of the headache. When asked how she felt after one course of treatment, she said" I feel much better,...I love acupuncture."
Male, 48, Eugene, OR: "Every year, during the first two weeks of June, hay fever strikes! I sneeze and sneeze, and my eyes are itching. So far I have always taken antihistamine, which helps, but does make me drowsy. Jian prescribed two herbal formulas to me, and, to my amazement, drinking tea three times a day helped me just as well as the antihistamine, but without any drowsiness. Amazing! "